In an effort to reduce costs, provide quality ingredients and increase sustainability, additional baby chickens were added to our chicken coop. Eggs collected from our pasture-rasied chickens are used in our pastries, croquetas, flan, etc. 

Havanabama released this "Chicken Coop Fundraiser" collection and/or donation to help raise funds for our Chicken Coop expansion.


Money collected from sales and donations, will go toward purchasing and constructing a chicken coop. 

**UPDATE: Lady Bug Farm's very own engineer/carpenter has willingly offered to help build a chicken coop that the Havanabama children have designed. Make sure to follow our journey to see behind the scenes of how together, we build a chicken coop. 

Chicken Coop Fundraiser Collection and/or Donation

  • Each Havanabama family member has their own design and we are looking forward to sharing with you what we have created:

    • "A house is not a home without a chicken coop" designed by our 8 year old son
    • "Life is better with chickens" designed by our 10 year old daughter
    • "Chicks supporting chicks" designed by Karlene
    • "Support your local side chick" designed by Jonathan