As you all know, I moved from Miami to Alabama in 2018. I'm lucky we have Publix here and that they sell "Ethnic/Hispanic products" including Cuban Bread. Although it's not the real thing, it's close enough and i'm not complaining. 


When I discovered @albisacandles on Instagram and saw that she had a "Cuban Bread" candle, I had to get it. 

You can smell the savory aroma of fresh baked Cuban Bread. You can almost taste the salty crackling crust and doughy buttery center. It's crazy how she nailed the scent and i'm here for it.


Be here for it and order yours- you won't regret it. Everyone that I have smell the candle looks at me in amazement and says "no way!"


Order yours and get your house smelling like a fresh baked Cuban Bread, or a Sunday morning walk in at a bakery.

[Cuban Bread not included]

Cuban Bread Candle

    • Net Wt. 7.5 oz
    • Burn Time: 40-50 hours
    • Dimensions: 3 1/4' diam. x 3 7/8' high

    Do not be fooled and tempted to eat this- no matter how tempting and how much you are lured by the scent of Cuban Bread. This is a candle- you have been warned.