For someone, like myself, that has left Miami, this Cuban Bread Wax Melts is everything for me. 


I am instantly reminded of Sunday Bakery Style breakfast. I am reminded of that girl that would sit outside Miami Dade College having her tostada dunked into her Cafe Con Leche. I am also reminded of the Cuban Bread that never made it home, because I ate it all while driving. I am reminded of my tia-abuela that would burn the cuban bread just enough so that it was crunchy and she can dunk it in her cafe con leche. 


However you had your Cuban Bread- just know that memories will start pouring out when you use these Wax Melts and you'll be tempted to just take a bite out of the air. It's that good!


[Cuban Bread not included]

Cuban Bread Wax Melts