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Pumpkin flan

In every Cuban household, there is that one person that makes the BEST flan ever. In my house, it happens to be ME!

Because I love FLAN and it's fall and the season of pumpkin everything, I had to reach out to Albisa and order from her Fall Collection of Wax Melts.


She put these two together and created the Pumpkin flan line. The perfect warm and inviting scent. Fresh pumpkin intertwines with a smooth touch of caramel, delicate spice notes and brown sugar blend harmoniously to create the most mouth watering pumpkin flan. 



Pumpkin Flan Wax Melt

  • These wax melts are perfect for your home, office or any place were lighting a candle may not be an option. Simply break off a cube and place it into an appropriate warmer. As the cube begins to melt it gradually fills your room with a delightful aroma.