Sage is a great tool to purify the home, release negative energy and remove bacteria in the air.
As Pitbul says in his song, "todo lo malo, echa pa'ya" (all the negativity can go somewhere else)

In fact, when we first moved into our new home, I bought sage to cleanse the house and whenever a negative person enters our home or the kids are acting up or I get stressed out, I sage to rid the house of all that negativity.


These auromatic white sage sticks are organic and were harvested from a private land located in the mountains of California.

With your purchase and support not only are you cleaning your home, mind and body, but you are also helping support the preservation of the land, where these sage sticks were made. 


  • Sage is an evergreen subshrub plant with woody stems, greyish leaves and blue to purple leaves. They are members of the mint family and have been used for centuries in the medicinal and culinary use. 

    The Romans referred to it as the "Holy Herb"

    Some say that anyone who has sage planted in their garden is reputed to do well in business.

  • What does Sage smell like:

    Sage has a real earthy and herby scent to it, with a hint of mint. The scent may be a little too strong at first, but once you get used to it, it's a nice aroma with multiple benefits.

    What are the benefits of using Sage:

    • Removing bacteria from the air
    • Repelling insects
    • Improving intuition and mood
    • Reducing stress and anxiety
    • Cleansing home
    • Removal of negativity

    How to burn sage:

    • Buy sage from
    • Open any windows or a doors before you begin (You want the smoke to cleanse, but you do not want it to linger)
    • Set your intention for each room, self or person
    • Hold the sage like a wand, light the bottom end and walk around each room, keeping in mind intention.
    • Don't leave burning sage unattended, even if to make cafecito.
    • When you are done saging, you can cover it with a bowl to limit the oxygen

    Sage is a ceremonial and sacred product.
    Your intention while burning matters and know the intention I have for you as a seller, matters.