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Traveling Ventanita

Back home, in Miami, you could walk up to a Ventanita, a.k.a a walk up window, and order your Cuban Coffee and finger foods such as; pastelitos, empanadas, croquetas, tostada, etc. 

When we moved here, we knew there wasn't going to be anything like that.

It wasn't until I saw how people reacted to the Cuban Coffee I offered or the food I served that I knew we had to tap into this market and start offering Cuban Coffee and finger foods, like the ones I'm used to from back home. 

We moved here in March 2018 and already in May we had a name, Havanabama. 

We wanted a name that would describe who we are- Cuban Americans in Alabama. 

Now that we have the Food Truck, we are excited to share with you our journey.

What is stopping me right now is not having my food permit. To get a food permit, I need a commissary kitchen. A commissary kitchen is a shared kitchen that is deemed sanitary by the Health Department and is shared by many businesses, such as myself. A couple of places I have looked into have wanted to charge me $450-$500/month and tell me no cooking allowed or will limit my cooking time per day. 


So as of now, I am in search of my own commissary kitchen, so that I don't have to have anyone limit my cooking.


As always, I will keep you posted and will look forward to sharing this journey with you.