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Greetings from Havanabama Postcard

  • Greetings from Havanabama!

    Whether you are visiting and wanting to send a message to a friend or family member about your stay here in Huntsville, or simply appreciate the artwork/collaboration and want to add it as a touch of Havanabama flair to your collection- our postcard is the perfect way to capture and share the unique charm of Huntsville. 

    Havanabama worked close with one of Huntsville's local artist and small co-business owner from AM Collective, Ashli Ingram. I wanted to incorporate pieces of our Cuban culture and place them like easter eggs among some of Huntsville's iconic local spots, such as:
    - Monte Sano

    - Big Spring Park

    - Redstone Arsenal

    - Lowe Mill

    - The Rocket

    - Beautiful sea of cotton fields

    Can you find the Domino Piece, Cuban Bread, Cafetera and Pastelito?

    Order your postcard today and share the beauty that is shown with the fusion of our Cuban American culture in Huntsville, Alabama.  

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