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"Leaving Miami" Sticker

  • This is Havanabama's second collaboration with another small business, @raised_on_cafecito

    Lissy Dominguez is a Cubana/Miami Based artist that I reached out to put this "Leaving Miami" piece together. 

    Lissy is amazing to work with! I told her what I wanted and she was able to put it all together and then some. The details in the artwork was able to capture so much emotion and I can't stop thanking her for that. 

    Leaving Miami is a piece that anyone that has left Miami, can relate to. 

    Moving is a very hectic and emotional time for anyone, especially if you are leaving your family, friends, pieces of your culture behind. 

    In "Leaving Miami" I told her I wanted it showcase our essentials:

    • Cafeteras
    • Cuban Coffee
    • Fabuloso
    • Agua de Violetas


    She added other household staples along the way, but my favorite part is the beach in the rearview mirror. I did not expect that, and that was the icing to the cake. 


    This won't be the last time I work with Lissy, but this is the first series: "Leaving Miami" 


    Hope you enjoy it, that it stirs up happy memories and that you share it with others. 

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