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👑 Queen Pata Sucia👣
= Queen of Dirty Feet

It sounds better, not really, in Spanish. Pata Sucia is what we call anyone who takes off their shoes to walk barefoot.

Everyone meet @barbaralisette

I met Barbarita here in Huntsville at a Vendors Event. We became instant friends when she came up to my booth and was like "I studied at FIU in Miami and just moved here a week ago" she had me at Miami 😂

She is just the sweetest and is always thinking of how to help others and I'm so happy to have met her and made this friendship.

I was thinking of a shirt to make her and we came up with this. Because she has no shame, as most Pata Sucias, to walk barefoot when you absolutely need to!

Where are my Pata Sucias at? 

Queen Pata Sucia

Color of Shirt
Color of Vinyl
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