About us

Our family was born and raised in Miami, Florida. Like most Miamians, we are first generation Cuban Americans. Where Spanish is our first language, pacifiers are dunked in Cuban Coffee, Rice is stored in the big green Keebler soda cracker bins, Cuban Bread is the only Bread, loud is the only setting, hand movements are a must in any conversation, pointing is done with the pucker of the lips, and where Sundays aren't Sundays without bakery style breakfast and Arroz con Pollo Dinners. 

In 2018, we moved to Huntsville, Alabama. As soon as we say we are from Miami, we get the puzzled look of "why would you leave Miami for Alabama?"...and we can save that conversation for another day, another blog post perhaps, or even in person with a cafecito. 

When we moved here, we knew there wasn't going to be much of, if any, Cuban anything. I was okay with that, because I can make it at home. But there is nothing like walking into a place that feels like home, that speaks your language and serves your food. That you can be loud with, that you can speak Spanish to, that you can enjoy the music of your people, that you can be yourself and buy things that you need for your home and bellies. 

Havanbama came to fruition when I felt like I can be that place. I can make the cafecito, the cuban pastries, the food, etc. I enjoy bringing people together and making each person, no mater where they are from, feel welcomed and at home and that's what I want Havanabama to be = your home away from home. 

The online shop was set up to help raise funds for the food truck and will continue to do so. Online, you can customize any of the merchandise to make it your own.

We are...

Miami Born. Cuban Raised. Southern Living


Your precious daughter brought me your magical morning elixir. 
 Now I can hear colors.

Third Grade Teacher

- Heritage Elementary School